Is Lord Monckton Sacha Baron Cohen?

Is Lord Monckton Sacha Baron Cohen? – It was the Aussies who first worked it out – a comedian by the name of Craig Reucassel, in fact; who isn’t an Aussie, in fact, but he does live there.

For several decades, Christopher Monckton, 3rd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley, had had many Britons scratching their heads in bemusement – was this bizarre caricature of an ageing human the real deal? And where the heck even is Brenchley?

Reucassel was cooking chips at home one night when he hit upon the answer.

Is Lord Monckton Sacha Baron Cohen?

It certainly bloody seems so.

Sacha Baron Cohen characters

Sacha Baron Cohen characters: Bruno, Borat, Ali G and Lord Monckton

With his officially-declared unofficial-Lord status, Christopher Monckton, 3rd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley, was the baffle of Britain for many years. The minority of the population who had heard of him often spent their lives in a crazed-daze, struggling to comprehend what this “strange fella was all about”.

Such was the confusion that a survey carried out in Sheffield in 1995 found that 57% of shoppers thought that Viscount was short for “Very good discount”; 30% thought it was a special type of black knight (from the Middle Ages); while the remainder just gazed longingly at the surveyor and fondly remembered the chocolate biscuits by the same name.

Chris didn’t let it foil him however, and continued on his personal outspoken debacle of life.

2011 came and Australian comedian Craig Reucassel was deep frying some potatoes one night, turning them into chips. For no particular reason he was mulling over in his head the idea of Lord Monckton, presumably considering what an oddity to the planet such a conception was.

Suddenly, a sputter of fat jumped from the pan and onto the TV-star’s arm, heavily scolding him. It hurt (unchecked fact).

Following treatment with ice, the wound was revealed to display what looked like the face of Ali G, a character from the Sacha Baron Cohen stable. It now all made sense to Reucassel and, on seeing that the character of Monckton was soon to be heading downunder, he jumped at the opportunity to interview him and be the first to unmask the skeptical superhero.

Watch the interview that resulted here:

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