BREAKING NEWS: Non-Royal Baby – Livestream

At around 9:15 this morning a heavily pregnant woman was let into a Wirral pub by the morning cleaner with symptoms of labour.

It’s believed the woman of unknown identity has gone into heavy labour and may be expecting her child at any time.

No crowds gathered at the scene but a midwife did arrive and there appears to be no movements made to get the lady to a nearby hospital.

To gauge public reaction to the birth we spoke to the public but were only able to get a comment from a drunk passerby who admitted he was still intoxicated from the mad one he had last night. He said he hoped that the lady had a healthy boy because “boys are less of a worry”.

A livestream monitoring the pub where the lady is believed to be has been set up and can be viewed below.

Maybe sometime in the next few hours we’ll see the healthy baby and mother emerge.

Please leave your thoughts and words about this incredibly important news in the comments below.

Livestream awaiting the arrival of the non-royal baby.

Livestream awaiting the arrival of the non-royal baby.

Author: Long John Wolly Dong on July 22, 2013
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