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Nautical Boating

Nautical boating is a type of boating that involves boats or ships and sailors or seamen. Unlike the simpler, less professional ‘boating’, nautical boating boasts the use of water as a supporting compound for the boat, thus allowing the boat to cruise smoothly from one place to another, as a form of transport.

The use of boats and water together in this way was discovered around 400BC and totally revolutionised the way people used boats. Indeed, boats had been around for thousands of years beforehand, but their lack of wheels, meant they were viewed as pointless and without purpose. The rich would sometimes have them on display in their gardens, an indication of the ingenious sales pitches used by boat builders of the time, but little other uses for boats could be found.

The details of the discovery are, like a lot of historical information, slightly blurred, but it is believed a drunken James Nauti discovered nautical boating, after being placed in a boat, which was subsequently placed in water and set adrift, as part of a stag do prank.

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