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My dog is pregnant I think I’m the father

My dog is pregnant I think I’m the father – ‘My dog is pregnant I think I’m the father’ is the sequel to the 2011 internet meme ‘My cat is pregnant I think I’m the father’.

It is said to have arisen after furious and competitive dog owners became jealous of cats’ prominence in the original search trend and set about creating their own doggy version.

It is also, coincidentally, the name of a town sheriff in Chase, just west of Reed City, Michigan. More on that later.

My dog is pregnant I think I’m the father

My cat is pregnant I think I’m the father was huge. Not one child aged between 14 and 17 in the world failed to come across the meme. In fact, the meme was deemed to be of such importance that the World Information Preservation Society (WIPS) listed it at number 9 on its ‘Ten Most Important Things To Be Preserved…Ever!’ list.

X Factor USA finalists ‘Da Bomb’ wrote and performed a song by the same title for their final performance, the judges only writing them off for the win due to the bestial overtones of the title. The song, incidentally, was about an early 20th Century romance that occurred on a sinking ship.

President Obama also once mentioned the meme in a speech, the mark of true pop culture.

The attention ‘My cat is pregnant I think I’m the father’ received from the world began to upset many dog lobbyists. Fits of jealous rage soon became the norm at canine conventions. The anger displays were like nothing else ever witnessed by man. More often than not, owners were seen behaving worse than their pets.

At one husky-King-Charles-fox-cross convention, a man culled a spasm long enough to come up with a plan. Ted Dawdry, following a episode of envy that had seen him rolling around on the floor in the foam of his own mucus, sat up and realised the answer.

“We shall create our own dog-like meme. It shall be brilliant! It too shall have kids the world over typing it into search engines to see what happens,” he excitedly mused at convention in he city of Minot, North Dakota.

“Our dog meme will be the best! It too will have X Factor contestants scrambling to name songs after it. And best of all, people the world over will begin to name their children after it!”

The other dog owners applauded immediately. They had never witnessed such emotion before about an internet search meme. Come to think of it, they had never witnessed such emotion before about anything, including about their pets, and they loved their pets. But their applause became wilder.

Until Dawdry mooted the potential phrase.

“What shall this famous phrase be?” enquired one excitable old onlooker.

“My dog is pregnant I think I’m the father!” responded Dawdry like lightning.

A wave of bemusement swept round the community hall where they met. Several dogs started yelping and crying, as if offended by the English spoken before them. A number of attendees got up and left without saying anything.

What an early stage pregnant dog could look like

“I know we’re jealous of the cats, but there’s gotta be a better way than this!” huffed one peeved canine carer as he departed.

Despite the opposition, several interested members remained seated. Hardy to the liberal goings on in the world of dog breeding, they wanted to know one thing more than anything else: Just what was driving Dawdry to want to publicise this phrase?

Ted Dawdry housed a secret. Several years back, an accident in his garage had led Dawdry to believe that he had actually impregnated his dog.

He hadn’t, of course, but when Teri, his miniature daschund, gave birth, he became convinced that several members of the litter “had similar features” to him.

They didn’t, of course, but such was Dawdry’s belief, that he soon began caring for a number of pups as if they were his own.

He would dress them in 19th Century bonnets, push them around town in a pram, even make them play dolls. He had become known about town as “that guy, with the dogs” and was forced seek help for his woes.

All that was behind Ted Dawdry now and he’d successfully built himself back up again once more, running a successful cellphone accessory import business.

But there remained one thing that he had not done. Something that is desire to do was so great it had cost him numerous relationships, along with several broadband providers.

Ted’s fingers had the itching desire to type “My dog is pregnant I think I’m the father” into Google and hit ‘search’. Despite his previous fixation, he had never done it. He’d wanted to, oh he’d wanted to so bad. But something inside had retained control and had never quite let him.

Part of the reason was shame. Ted was known throughout the telecoms industry after his repeated phone calls enquiring over the tracking of such a search.

“Will you guys know about it if I search it?” he’d asked on numerous occasions.

The response had always been laughter.

But under this new plan, he’d be able to search it along with hundreds of thousands of others. He would be completely incognito. Achieving that one great desire was more than worth several minutes of shame in the community hall. Heck, some, to this day, feel the rolling around on the floor in curdles of his own saliva was more embarrassing.

So the plan was completed and the meme was released, at first by soft launch in the form of a video uploaded to YouTube. It was a simple piece-to-cam, presented by Dawdry. In the video he explained the entire details of his accident.

YouTube pulled the video after it reached around 100 views, presumably due to its graphic descriptions and the potential to offend.

It did not matter, however, as the search meme was alive and kicking. Curious cat-searchers began changing out the word ‘cat’ for ‘dog’ and it wasn’t long before it was a trend in its own right.

A curious coincidence of this trend is that of the sheriff of Chase in Michigan State, USA. Born in 1973, sheriff My Dog Is Pregnant I Think I’m The Father has headed up law enforcement in Chase for 7 years.

It is not known how the sheriff got his name, since no one has the guts to ask him, but it is widely believed that an unusual clerk at the town hall is to blame. The 1970s, eh?

Have you any additional information on the meme ‘My dog is pregnant I think I’m the father’ to share? Have you ever met somebody with the same name? Let us know below!

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My cat is pregnant I think I’m the father

My cat is pregnant I think I’m the father- ‘My cat is pregnant I think I’m the father’ is the name of an internet meme that began following a succession of ‘search bombings’ into the Google search engine in the year 2011.

It is also the title of the B-side found on several rare pressings of the Madonna hit single ‘Borderline’. More on that later.

Read about the sequel “My dog is pregnant I think I’m the father” here!

My cat is pregnant I think I’m the father

Following a night of painful regret, 19-year-old Josh Piggins, from Cozad, Nebraska, entered his search into the Google search engine. While he pilfered through the results that were returned, something behind his computer monitor in the garden caught his eye.

It was his best mate Lance. In fact, that wasn’t what had caught his eye – that was the mirror that Lance was using to signal his attention.

Nevertheless, Josh dashed outside to see what Lance wanted, neglecting the fact he’d left his search about the cat and their spawn in plain sight on the computer screen.

Lance had news. Apparently one of their other mates had thrown up on a sidewalk the night before, leaving a horrendous stain. Authorities were apparently at the site testing for clues as to what had created this urban crop circle, Lance exclaimed excitedly.

Both guys headed off to the scene to take in the delights. Meanwhile, Josh’s younger brother Kenny stumbled upon his dodgy search on the computer.

Fortunately Kenny wasn’t old enough to read the search and certainly didn’t know what this meant for the future of his brother. But he was old enough to lean on the Return key many times, overloading the Google suggest server with the search ‘My cat is pregnant I think I’m the father’.

What a pregnant cat might look like
What a pregnant cat could look like if you just photographed its

Now when Google users attempt to search ‘My cat is pregnant…’ handy Google suggest is there with the option ‘My cat is pregnant I think I’m the father’. Rough estimates predict around 1-in-7 cat owners find the suggestion useful, with an estimated 92 percent of those actually requiring the information contained within the search.

‘My cat is pregnant I think I’m the father’ was also the name of a B-side on a few rare pressings of Madonna’s 1984 single ‘Borderline’.

Around five animals rights protesters gathered when they heard of the intended inclusion of the song for release. They arranged a protest against the release of the song.

The protest took place on February 27th 1984 in Springdale, Arkansas. Six local heavy-handed pro-bestiality activists had received word of the protest and set about attacking the animal rights protesters three minutes from the beginning of the march. One of the pro-bests seized a sign that read “Leave cat sex to cats” and caused severe injury to three of the animal rights protesters. The incident marked Springdale’s bloodiest day.

Seeing the violence, the record label eventually agreed to remove the few copies featuring ‘My cat is pregnant I think I’m the father’ they had produced from sale. A total historical black out was brought about as part of the agreement.

Have you ever heard the Madonna song ‘My cat is pregnant I think I’m the father’? Have you ever seen a copy for sale? Tell us your story below.

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