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Rescue Fudge

The medicinal values of fudge have been known since around 313BC. A 2Kg dose has the abilities to wipe out three common colds, taking around five minutes to do so. 1.25Kg of ginger fudge can clear up a skin rash, taking only 35 minutes to miraculously do so. If you down 0.5Kg of chocolate coated fudge, you will find those aching joints go away, in seconds, for life.

The idea of Rescue Fudge came about after Dr. Louis Campbell added some fudge to his first aid kit. While out on a trek that week, he stumbled across a fellow trekker, who had gotten lost, overshot his path, and landed in a pool of cold, slightly acidic water. He had been there for half an hour.

Dr. Campbell offered the traveller some of his fudge, an unknown concoction, which cleared the traveller of the cold he had caught, soothed his aching joints and cleared up the rash caused by the pH of the water.

Nowadays, ambulance staff, coastguards, cliff rescue teams and firefighters all carry a portion of Rescue Fudge, in case of emergency.

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Fudge Dogs

Fudge Dogs is the 1957 acclaimed movie based on the working husky packs that worked to supply North America with sweet treats during the early 1800s. Starring O.J O’Brien and Melissa Germany, the movie highlighted the extreme conditions the fudge delivery dogs and their owners were faced with on a daily basis.

In one infamous scene, a delivery contract is nearly lost after three fudge dogs break in to a satchell containing fudge and lose the load. The scene initially brought complaints from animal rights activists around the world, who were concerned for the fudge dogs welfare should they accidentally eat a batch of fudge.

These complaints were exposed as little more than PR for the movie, however, after one canny cinema-goer commented “This is a movie. They didn’t really feed them fudge. Besides, it’s chocolate that’s bad for dogs. Not fudge!”

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