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Koala Hat

Koala Hat was an early silent movie star, who appeared in no less than 87 films throughout her 23 year career.

It became apparent, during the premiere of ‘Quiet Duet’, her fifth movie, that Koala had a serious drug problem. Many of the scenes showed her actually consuming numerous cocktails of heavy drugs and falling over, something which stood out considerably in a movie about a middle-aged Christmas card watercolourer, living in a quiet Norwegian town.

People became outraged at the scenes, presumably upset at the spoiling and degradation of an otherwise beautifully crafted storyline.

Koala became known as the movie industry’s ‘diva’ of the time and gained a reputation for ‘doing what she wanted, when she wanted’. This made her very difficult to work with. Scores of successful directors at the time were constantly faced with the dilemma over whether to use Koala, often resulting in box office success at the price of lowered critical acclaim and artistic credit, or to go with a lesser known, lesser troubled actress and attempt to sell the movie on its own merit alone.

Predictably, drugs played a part in Koala Hat’s death. Early one evening, she left her house for a night out with friends. Upon the realisation she had left her stash behind, she returned to the house, only to realise she had locked herself out. She suffered a broken neck from the force of the slide-down window, while attempting to gain entry to her home. The waiting taxi driver found her ten minutes later.

While around 4000 film fans attended her funeral, the day was notable for the lack of movie industry attendance. No former colleagues attended.

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