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Jurrasic Fart

Jurrasic Fart was an original comedy sketch concept conceived in early 1997 by the Canadian stand up comic Marc Le Mark. Mark Le Mark had expressed a wish to give the sketch as a good will present to the producers of the BBC’s bi-yearly UK comedy/charity event Comic Relief.

He even claimed that he had enlisted the famous wildlife documentary presenter Sir David Attenburgh to play the role of John Hammock. The role of Hammock was based on the role made famous by his brother Richard from the original movie that the sketch paid homage to.

However early this year (2009) Mark Le Mark opted to sell the rights and script of the sketch on ebay after displaying disgust at the BBC’s use of advertisements on their website, outside of the UK.

A quote from the Ebay listing read:

“My Grandma was British and she went without heating year after year just so that she could afford to pay her Television License fee and keep the once great institution, that is the BBC, free to all!”.

The auction ended without any bids. However it is believed that the sketch rights have been purchased for an undisclosed sum by the independent adult art production house Longwise.

Longwise ‘allegedly’ plan to produce a feature length version of the sketch and edit the original storyline to include numerous adult orientated elements.

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