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Poo Off

Poo Off was a popular 1920s bathroom cleaning product. Those who were young at the time will remember the happy-go-lucky Poo Off radio adverts, comprising the lyrics:

Poo Off, off poo, cleans the poo, so you dont have to!

For much of the 1920s, it seemed that life was made for the board of Poo Off. The product was a best seller in 34 countries around the world, the company was rated top ten on the World Exchange and housewives were regularly shown on the evening news, travelling in their drones to get their hands on a bottle.

The dream ended all a bit suddenly on August 1st 1928 as Dr. Morgan Riley revealed some disturbing test results on the products. He discovered Poo Off to contain Arsenic (92%), Cadmium (5%) and water (2%). He read it on the label.

The remaining 1% was later exposed to be the gap of air found between the top of the fluid and the cap.

It was all over for Poo Off and the empire came crumbling down overnight, with several immediate lawsuits crippling the company, resulting in a bankruptcy that is still being paid for by today’s public.

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