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Gas Proces

Gas Proces was the name of a monthly rave club night illegally held on unused industrial land in Greenwich, a suburb of London, UK.

From March 1989 – March 1993 groups of up to 500 ravers would gather from around the country and partake in hours of licking the toxic chemical ground whilst bobbing their upward pointing behinds to the beat of very loud dance music. This strange and unique form of dance and expression became known as ‘Proces’in’ throughout the vibrant rave scene of the early 1990′s.

Occasionally, you may witness someone ‘Proces’in’ at a modern day rave but it’s likely that they don’t know its origin.

The rave was closed down for good when one of the participants swallowed a stone and choked to death. The police had been monitoring the situation and had no hard proof that drugs had been being used at the events so up until that point had let it go on with relatively little interruption from them. However, the death meant that they had no choice but to disband the event.

The true origin of the name is unclear, as are the original organisers. Before the days of the internet most of the promotion was verbal running throughout squats and many people made their own fliers to give to friends. It’s rumoured that the most popular of the fliers from the original event simply had a spelling mistake.

In 2004 John Hedridge, an English teacher from Eltham, South East London, claimed to have been the originator of the misspelled flier. He blames the embarrassing spelling mistake on a cup of magic mushroom tea that he had consumed on the same day.

The infamous 02 Arena (The Millennium Dome) now occupies the site of the original ‘Gas Proces’ rave club nights.

If you have any photos or stories from the original ‘Gas Proces’ nights we would love to hear from you.

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